chengzhu jin



An award winning artist with multiple awards,

recognitions and wealth of experience in

multiple categories of artistry.


Awards and recognitions

· 2009-2011: Created and produced 700

folk art drawings for Yanbian Hotel

· 2010: Presented “WATERFALL IN THE

CLOUD” Russian International Art


· May 2009: Presented “THE SUMMER”

to Art Exhibit in South Korea.

· April 2009: “PLEASURE WITHIN” was

awarded and collected by Asian Oil

Painting Exhibition in Shanghai China.

· August 2008: “CHANGBAI CANYON”

was presented and collected by Bilim

Museum in South Korea.

· June 2008: “CLOUD” was presented

and awarded by South Korea Art


· March 1993: “EMPTY” was presented

on Six Artists Exhibition in Tokyo,


· May 1992: “RHYME” and “HOPE” were

presented in Tokyo Jijing Art Museum

Exhibition in Japan.

· February 1992: “THE COW AND ITS

SKIN” was awarded in Japan Art


· October 1991: Presented art work to

Jin Zhe Modern Art Exhibition in Japan

· September 1991: Presented “SPRING

WATER” to an Art Exhibit in Tokyo


· July 1991: “MEMORY OF THE PAST”

was awarded by Tokyo Asian Modern

Art Exhibition in Japan.

· October 1987: “VIRGIN LAND” and

“BORN” were awarded in Jilin Province

Art Exhibition in China.

· September 1986: “ECHO” was

awarded in Beijing Korean Art

Exhibition in China.

· May 1986: “THE SOUND OF BELL”

was awarded in Yanbian Art Exhibition

in China.

· September 1982: Presented


to Jilin province Art Exhibit and

received an award.

· August 1981: “AUTUM” was presented

in Jilin Province Art Exhibit and

received an award.

· July 1980: “LONGING” was presented

in Jilin Province Art Exhibit and

received award. The same month, this

art and artist was mentioned in the

provincial newspaper




Experience and Positions/

Created Yanbian YIHAI Museum in

Yanji China – 2008.

Managing Director at Yanbian Art

Gallery in China – 2007.

Created and operated “Virgin Land Art

Gallery” in Yanji China – 1998.

Created “Creative Art Education Center”

in Yanji China – 1996.

Became Graduate School student in

Japan Aizi Art College – 1991.

Vice Dean at Yanbian Art College in

Yanji, China – 1985

Art professor at Yanbian Art College in

Yanji, China – 1984.

Art Student at Jilin Province Art

University studying oil painting, water

color etc. 1997 – 1984.



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