Hamidreza Ghahari 




-1997 Barge’ Sabz Modern and Contemporary Arts Exhibition [Tehran, Iran]

-1999 Saad Abad International Art Exhibition [Tehran, Iran]

-2001 MADAD Fine Arts Exhibition [Tehran, Iran]

-2005-2006 SAFAS Solid Surface Art Exhibition [Clifton, NJ]

-2007 American Consumer Shows; Home Show Expositions

[Secaucus, NJ]

-2014 Korean-New York Artist Group Exhibition

[Hackensack, NJ]






Hamid Ghahari is a self taught artist of various genre. Born in Shiraz, Iran and raised in the capital, Tehran, he had his first experience with art at the age of twelve while watching his sister paint a portrait of their family. Ghahari fine tuned his skills around the age of twenty one and focused his attention on painting. He learned how to capture the beauty of a scene by studying the works of his idol, Vincent van Gogh. The medium of his works is oil on canvas and his style of painting is a derivation of impressionism, in which Ghahari successfully creates accurate and artistically smooth renditions of scenes without generating photographic mimics.

Although painting serves as a cathartic mean in his life, Ghahari has used his skills and talents to actively participate in a plethora of galleries, exhibitions and charity auctions, including those hosted by MADAD, Green Leaf and Saad Abad.

Painted in 1985, Thought  portrays the emotion of contemplation by brilliantly articulating his wife's facial expression. In his more recent work, 2007, the Caspian captures a typical afternoon at the Caspian Sea where Ghahari and his family often vacationed. Ghahari's central focus continues to be on landscape paintings; however, he has completed pieces on portraits, figure paintings, and still life.



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