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Kyungsuk Lee was born in Seoul, Korea. 

She graduated from HongIk University (Seoul) with

BA majoring in Textile Arts and studied Art Theory at Rouen University (France)
Fashion Styling (FIT) 

Fashion Draping (Parson)

Interior Design (University of Philadelphia)

She came to New York in 1991 and worked as a fashion designer, pattern maker, and technical designer
(Andrew Marc) while pursuing her first love as an artist.
 She continued painting when she moved to Singapore where she held her first Solo Exhibition
“Co-Exist” at Art Center, National University of Singapore (2003). 

She returned to New York and participated many group exhibitions held in New York and Italy.
 She held second Solo exhibition “Amphibios” at Chelsea, NY (2014) 
She also participated in group exhibitions as a member of HanMi Artists Association (2013 – 2019).



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