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The Happy Land_   28x34_water color on H
Moran & friends_   28x34_water color on
me_18x18 Oil on Canvas 1974

Soonok Sally Kim (김 순옥)


Artist Profile

Art is my life’s passion and I have been expressing myself through drawing and painting from young age.  During my adulthood my passion for art never left my heart, even and
especially during the time period of my life where I was working as logistics and customs Specialist.

I am a retired professional based in New York and earned a B.A. in fine and commercial art at the City College of New York.

I love to work in with bold colors, bold brush stroke and varied lines, and other elements of Expressive painting, and have since explored more traditional forms.    I discovered Minhwa Rather unexpectedly, and it’s been a complete joy to reshape my artistic expression through the Minhwa style.  Minhwa painting caught my eye and I was totally captivated by its vibrant colors, varied lines, and delicate details.

I take inspiration from details that demand my attention.


Minhwa paintings combine all elements that pull my attention to the fullest, am and completely absorbed with absorbing the style.

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