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David Park 


52 Claremont rd, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

Ph: 2013417848




The 7th Annual Jersey City

International Art Exhibition New Era


Korean New York Artist Group Exhibition




Study at The Art Student League of New York 


Study at Columbia University in New York City


Liberal Art

Fairleigh Dickinson University 


Business Administration & Management

Sung Sil University 

David Park Art - 07.jpg
David Park Art - 06.jpg
David Park Art - 04.jpg
David Park Art - 13.jpg
David Park Art - 12.jpg
David Park Art - 11.jpg
David Park Art - 10.jpg
David Park Art - 09.jpg
David Park Art - 08.jpg
David Park Art - 15.jpg
David Park Art - 14.jpg
David Park Art - 01.jpg
David Park Art - 02.jpg
David Park Art - 03.jpg
David Park Art - 05.jpg


As leaving a home in my childhood, I have been traveling a long journey to seek a worldly fame with desire. When I was returning to come back home, I saw my scars left by life with sorrow and emptiness for the lesson, the happiness is the aesthetics of tranquility, not the fame and desire.


  MY work is a mirror and diary of my life. 

 Finally I am finding solace through my work with putting down everything and am present at the moment.


The man sitting down on the rock, the wind cannot catch him. 



Size of Art work : 30* 40 inches,  2 works with the same size

Media: Oil painting on canvas


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