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 Jin Hwan Cho

Indiscretion of Darkness 1_36x24 mixed m
Indiscretion of Darkness 2_36x24 mixed m
Radiance of  Glory_Hebrews 1_3_36x24 mix
Geometry of Glory_Jin Hwan CHO_2017s
Paradox of Glory_Jin Hwan CHO 2015s
EXALTED_Jin Hwan CHO.jpg
The Weight of Glory_Jin Hwan CHO.JPG
Tears of God_Jin Hwan CHO.jpg
Precious Blood _Jin Hwan CHO.jpg
Passage of HOPE_Jin Hwan CHO.jpg
Light shall shine out of Darkness_Jin Hwan CHO.jpg
Life Sun Jubilee_Jin Hwan Cho.JPG
Jubilee_Jin Hwan CHO.JPG
Jubilee II 2010_Jin Hwan CHO.jpg
Jubilee I_Jin Hwan Cho.jpg
Jin Hwan CHO_size 71x53 inch_The WINDOW of MY SPIRIT_2014s.jpg
Jin Hwan CHO_size 16x20 inch_The WINDOW of PILGRIMAGE_2014s.jpg


조 진 환

2014 KNYAA Art Fair, One Riverside Sq. suite 201, Hackensack, NY 

2013 "SEMIOTICS; Image vs Code"  Solo exhibit, School of Visual Arts, NY 

2013 "Big Queens Drawing Show" Jamaica Arts Center, Queens, NY  

2011 “RESONANCE” group exhibit, LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, NY

2010 "The Weight of Glory" Solo exhibit, Rockefeller Center, New York

2009 “5th New York World Art Festival” United Nation 2009

2007 “Without Boundaries” group exhibit  Toronto, Canada

2005 “Psalmists” Group exhibit,  Elga Wimmer PCC, Chelsea, New York

2004 "A Song of Ascents” group exhibit  Chelsea, New York

2003  3rd Exhibition of "Stainwash" group exhibit Chelsea, New York


Jury Experience   Since  2010, 2011, 2012

“YE SA MO USA Youth Art Contest” invited 

sponsored by Jersey City Municipal Council, Division of Cultural Affairs


University of Pennsylvania  M.Arch studied 

City College of New York    B.Arch

The Ecole des Beaux-Arts at Fontainebleau in Paris, Fr.  Beaux-Arts Certificate


KFAA (Korean Fine Arts Association) New York Chapter, vice president

Korean New York Artist Association     vice president

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